Subject: Theories about the Trinity – either all three (Trinity theories) or one (incarnation theories, pneumatology).


  1. To survey, explain, and evaluate trinitarian theories (widely understood) – mostly recent ones, but sometimes historical ones as well.
  2. To foster discussion and critical thinking about this topic among the general public, as well as philosophers, theologians, and apologists.


  • Joseph Jedwab (PhD Philosophical Theology, Oxford University, 2008) teaches philosophy at Kutztown University. He has a license to kill, but not to drive.
  • J.T. Paasch (PhD Philosophical Theology, Oxford University, 2009) teaches philosophy for Georgetown University’s Bachelor of Arts in Liberal Studies program. He only smokes hand-rolled cigarettes.
  • Dale Tuggy (PhD Philosophy, Brown University, 2000) teaches philosophy and religious studies at SUNY Fredonia. A native of Dallas, he used to cry when the Cowboys lost a game. Now he only tears up.
  • Scott Williams (PhD, Theology, University of Oxford) teaches philosophy Centre College. For those who are curious, he is catholic by profession of faith.

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