Yashoda sees the universe in Krishna's mouth

Beyond Belief on Avatars vs. Incarnation

Here, from BBC4’s Beyond Belief podcast, is an interesting and wide-ranging discussion of avatars in Hinduism vs. catholic Incarnation claims, … »

Jesus vs the Pharisees in the Gospel of John movie, 2003

John 8 brought to life

Here, courtesy of youtube is the main text discussed in the trinities podcast episode 62: John 8:12-59, culminating in “Before … »


a new Trinity Meme

I love memes. You don’t often see one that’s about the Trinity! (H/T Tim Pawl on Facebook.) One could view … »

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He is risen! (Dale)

“And if our hope in Christ is only for this life, we are more to be pitied than anyone in … »


Merry Christmas (Dale)

Pictured here is Giovanni Francesco di Bernardone (a.k.a. St. Francis of Assisi, d. 1226 ) – my photo of a 19th … »


Linkage: Who do you say I am? (Dale)

One answer: the Messiah. Another answer: here.  (HT: kingdomready.) Evidently, Fred Sanders isn’t the only theological cartoonist out there. But … »


Three Hours of Stupid

Call me late to the party. As someone who usually has his nose in a book, I didn’t run out … »