letter B

Bowman vs. Buzzard on the Shema

Today’s letter is “B.” At Bowman’s blog, Bowman and Buzzard battle about the basic building block of Old Testament belief … »


Bring it on: How ___ became ___

One of the most interesting theological/ christological/biblical arguments is about to begin. Bart Ehrman’s book How Jesus Became God, released … »

trinity by dale tuggy book cover

“Trinity” in paperback form

Suppose you want to really study my entry “Trinity“ in the Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy. If you’re like me, when … »

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David Hume vs. Mysterians

Like most Christian philosophers, I think David Hume (1711-76) was brilliant, but mistaken about most of the important religious topics … »

victory dance

publications update

My paper critiquing the Brower-Rea “constitution” approach to the Trinity has now been published in Philosophy and Theology. I just … »