a new Trinity Meme

I love memes. You don’t often see one that’s about the Trinity! (H/T Tim Pawl on Facebook.) One could view … »


St. Patrick’s bad analogies

Quite funny! This fellow has real comedic talent. It is remarkable, when you step back to consider it, that this … »

Bill Maher on God and Jesus

I consider comedian Bill Maher to be a fairly funny guy. I don’t care for his politics. But I watched … »


Linkage: Sokal Hoax 2.0

Every philosophy student and every theology student should know about the original Sokal hoax. Here’s the best reflection on its … »

arguing vs no one

Arguing against no one

Princeton philosopher Thomas Kelly in a paper on the epistemology of disagreement (i.e. what the reasonable response when we find … »


King of the Non Sequitur (Dale)

The word is “Therefore…” When you are making a deductive argument, this means that what you are about to say logically follows … »


A Tale of Two Tattoos (Dale)

I love philosophy majors. The best of them almost always develop a nerdy and warped sense of humor – and … »


It’s just gotta be true…

<gossip>Once some years ago, I was hanging out with a group of Christian philosophers, and the subject of the Trinity … »


Linkage: Who do you say I am? (Dale)

One answer: the Messiah. Another answer: here.  (HT: kingdomready.) Evidently, Fred Sanders isn’t the only theological cartoonist out there. But … »


Three Hours of Stupid

Call me late to the party. As someone who usually has his nose in a book, I didn’t run out … »


Major Theological News

As I’ve read in many theological sources: traditions change, evolve. Each generation must decide for itself how to understand the … »