Jesus arguing with the Pharisees

Jesus’s argument in John 10

You think that Jesus was good. But do you also think that Jesus was smart? So smart, that you have … »

Behold, the dual-natured Smile-beard.

Tim Pawl: a God-man is possible

Catholic analytic philosopher Tim Pawl (University of St. Thomas, in Minnesota) argues that this is logically consistent: Jesus has both … »

who should

Who Should Christians Worship?

Here’s a screencast version of a talk I gave in Atlanta at the 2012 Theological Conference sponsored by the Atlanta … »


King of the Non Sequitur (Dale)

The word is “Therefore…” When you are making a deductive argument, this means that what you are about to say logically follows … »

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Patton’s problem with Apologists

I recently stumbled upon a great post by Michael Patton that just about perfectly expresses how I’ve felt about Christian apologists … »