Boyd on Incarnation

Pastor-theologian Greg Boyd has been theologizing about the Incarnation recently. He tips his hand right at the start – he’s … »

Faith and Philosophy

Bill Hasker’s reply

to this piece of mine, in the previous issue. Who gets the better of the exchange? I don’t have more … »

laugh it up fuzzball

Passing Feser’s Laugh Test

Philosopher Ed Feser thinks my comments about God (here and here) are ridiculous. So, he breaks out his rhetorical brass … »


7 Weird Theologians

Daniel Calder surveys the Top 7 weirdest Christian theologians. Of these, how many are atheists? Consider, for example, John Scotus Eriugena … »


Atheistic belief in “God”

Not “inconceivable” – but rather, “God.” Check out this interesting post, The Dread God Roberts, at our friend Dr. James McGrath’s … »

trinity by dale tuggy book cover

“Trinity” in paperback form

Suppose you want to really study my entry “Trinity“ in the Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy. If you’re like me, when … »