Jesus is no Liza

“Liza, do you have any money?” “Nope.” “Hey – I see you’ve got money in your right pocket! Why’d you … »


No can eat

(Antonio de la Mano via Compfight) I’m an adventurous eater; I like to say that I’ll try anything at least … »

Flower Close Up In Darkness

Flocanrib – a parable

Irene was the only little girl in her whole extended family, and everyone loved giving her girly gifts. Three of … »


Rush 2.0 and Rush 3.0 (Dale)

(continued) Unbeknownst to Brian and Rich, powerful aliens from Alpha Centuri were listening in on their conversation. The aliens thought … »

Meeting Rush (Dale)

“Is this your first Rush concert?” “Yes, I’m so excited.” Rich and Brian had been talking about this for months. … »


Her only true love (Dale)

“Melissa, you’re my only true love,” whispered the mother. I was just within earshot, pretending to read. The girl leaned … »


A Gnome’s tale

Once upon a time, I met a friendly lawn gnome named Willy. I happened upon him when trimming the bushes … »