Dale Tuggy

Dale Tuggy is Professor of Philosophy at the State University of New York at Fredonia, where he teaches courses in analytic theology, philosophy of religion, religious studies, and the history of philosophy.


  1. Paul Anchor
    November 7, 2017 @ 6:03 am

    Assuming the Father loves the Son in eternity past he would be doing such by necessity, would he not? Not just because he has the ability to do so and he chooses to exercise that choice. Otherwise he would be depriving the Son up to the point at which he chose to begin loving him. Begetting is necessary but being a person in relation to another person would seem to be a matter of choice. Are these two activities compatible with each other? It would appear not.


    • Aaron
      November 7, 2017 @ 7:39 pm


      Why is begetting be necessary? Not to say that it is or is not necessarily, but would just like to hear your thoughts on this subject. Is it not possible that begetting could also be a matter of choice and voluntary will?


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