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A few highlights to get you started:

  • Why “trinities“? There are some serious disagreements among Christian scholars about how the doctrine should be understood. See here and here and here for a basic intro.
  • An ongoing theme: modalism.
  • Quotes are always fun. If you’ve got a funny, profound, or interesting one, pass it along.
  • The Theories category tracks the various versions of the doctrine that have been discussed here. Yes, there are many, and yes, most of them are incompatible with each other.
  • Linkage to relevant stuff elsewhere on the web relating to the Trinty. Beware: (1) there are a lot of Trinity-related websites out there, and (2) a high percentage are garbage. Our linkage is at least guaranteed not to be total garbage. :-)
  • How Trinity theories conflict with the New Testament. This post will tell you a lot about Dale’s views on God, Jesus, and the Trinity. The other contributors to this blog would disagree with much of it.
  • Here’s a 5th birthday post (July 2011) with links to other highlights.
  • Also, there’s the weekly podcast.

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