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next podcast on Monday, May 4

Well, I made it 84 episodes without falling behind. Except for a couple weeks off in August 2014, I’ve put … »

painting of Ps 110 1 as applied in the NT to Jesus

the LORD says to my lord

At his blog Theology and Justice, Roman effectively dismantles Nabeel Qureshi’s appeal to Psalm 110:1 in his recent debate as showing (or … »

  • Trinity - the entry from the Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy -
philosopher John Haldane - image from Baylor University

Haldane to Baylor

In a major hire, the Department of Philosophy at Baylor has hired the leading analytic Thomist Dr. John Haldane (also here) … »

Tawhid or Trinity - the Qureshi-Ally debate

Qureshi vs. Ally – Trinity vs. Tawhid

This should be interesting. Mr. Qureshi (a PhD student in theology) is the author of the fascinating book Seeking Allah, Finding Jesus (kindle). … »


He is risen!

Early on the first day of the week, while it was still dark, Mary Magdalene went to the tomb and … »