J Dan Gill - The One - In Defense of God

podcast 140 – Pastor J. Dan Gill’s The One

Pastor J. Dan Gill was a third-generation Oneness (aka “Jesus only”) Pentecostal, but he started to notice a disconnect between their ways of talking about Jesus and what we read in the Bible. … »

  • Trinity - the entry from the Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy -

Necessarily so?

It ain’t necessarily so It ain’t necessarily so The t’ings dat yo’ li’ble To read in de Bible, It ain’t … »

three dancers - click for image credit

An eternal dance of Three?

Perhaps the greatest issue for Social Trinitarians with respect to the Holy Spirit is “his” personhood. … »


God and Deus

Bill Vallicella, the famous Maverick Philosopher, just dropped me a line asking whether, when Thomas Aquinas and Baruch Spinoza use … »


God and Allah

Last month my publisher gave the green light to start work on The Same God? Reference and Identity in Jewish, … »


Hello from London

Dale Tuggy kindly set me up with an account here, so I will say a few words by way of … »