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  1. I think the way many of these questions are being casted, Dale, are clearly intended to skew the issue in favour of Unitarianism and make Trinitarianism look silly. They’re not objective questions. For example, the T/F question “God is a human being” clearly subtly misrepresents the issue of God’s entering into a state of hypostatic union in a tabernacle of flesh (cf. Jn. 1:14 & Exo. 40:34-35). Of course God is not, of fundamental essence, a human beings. But the prophets speaks of the Messiah as the one who comes “from ancient days”, or, “the days of eternity” (cf. Micah 5:2) who, in the same way he dwelled in the Tabernacle with Israel, so too will dwell in the Tabernacle in the tent of Jesus’ body. The eternal God enters into human flesh and lives among man as man, which is why he can be called “God With Us” (cf. Matt. 1:23). So God voluntarily takes on a human nature, he isn’t just a flat “a human being.” The very phrase sounds vulgar and irreverent thus casted.

  2. No way to leave them open on this archive page. But I’ve changed things so that a random one shows each time the main page is loaded. They really are all open, but that’s how you can access them.

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