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User’s Guide

  • General Instructions: Read. Think. Enjoy. Ridicule the pictures. Vote. Pray. Resent the author over the complexity of some of the posts. Join in. Think some more. Tell your friends. Follow us on social media and “share” like crazy!
  • Some policies: 
    • Comments from all are welcome! When you make your first comment, though, I’ll have to approve it (this is to weed out the ever-present spam). Once I approve a comment from you, though, you’ll then be able to comment at will.
    • Unless things get out of hand, the comments for each post or poll will not be closed. So, feel free to add to a “stale” discussion. Your comments (in abbreviated form) will appear at the upper right of the main page! :-)
    • The authors may not have time to respond to comment threads, but is very interested in feedback of all kinds.
    • Don’t be a jerk, or you will be banned from commenting.
  • Suggestions:
    • Keep clicking. Sometimes the present discussion makes sense only against a certain backdrop – links are usually provided in the post itself.
    • Don’t be intimidated. If you’re thinking about joining in, but don’t understand some of the discussion by other commenters so far, realize that this may be because you’re uninformed or dull, or it may be because the other commenters are pedantic blowhards, grievously confused, or just obscure writers. On the other hand, they may be brilliant. Just take a risk and join in. The worst that can happen is that someone might disagree with you. Maybe you’ll learn something. Maybe you’ll teach something.
    • New readers are encouraged to read earlier postings and discussions, as there is to some degree a logical flow to it all. This blog is more focused and directional than your typical blog.
    • Use the Blog Search, upper right.
    • Search for relevant prior postings by clicking on a Category, listed to the right of each post.
    • Go back to earlier pages of posting by clicking the Earlier Posts link at the lower left of each page.
  • Support this blog – by buying books or stuff at Amazon through the search or links at the bottom of each post, or by donating through Paypal (lower left of each post).

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