Divine fluidity

I have been telling the Maverick Philosopher here about Benjamin Sommer’s theory of divine fluidity, which is one solution to … »

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Can Kant refer to God?

I am plodding on with Plantinga’s Warranted Christian Belief, which I strongly recommend. He is committed to the Christian (and … »


Are all religions the same?

I have been working through Alvin Plantinga’s excellent (but frustrating) book Warranted Christian Belief, and I am particularly intrigued by … »


Happy 4th of July!

Sorry – no episode of the trinities podcast this week. This breaks a streak that I think I’ve kept up … »


Exegetical neutrality

I am making slow (but sure) progress on The Same God? Reference and Identity in Jewish, Christian, and Muslim Scriptures. … »

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Does God have a body?

Dale writes: A self is being which is in principle capable of knowledge, intentional action, and interpersonal relationships. A god … »