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Search for: characteristic curve Urimax Price Australia cheilitis Is God a self?

Is God a self? Part 1

Many of you know that I’ve argued in several ways, in print, against “social” Trinity theories, and particularly the sort … »

Is God a self? Part 1 – Gillman

First up to bat, Jewish theologian and philosopher Neil Gillman. Watch the interview here, then read below for my take. Related … »

Is God a Self? Part 2 – Flint

Tom Flint is an excellent philosopher and a winsome human being. He’s teaches Philosophy at Notre Dame, and is the … »

Is God a Self? Part 3 – Clayton

Philip Clayton teaches theology and philosophy at the Claremont School of theology, and at the Claremont Graduate University. He publishes … »

  • Trinity - the entry from the Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy -

Is God a Self? – Part 6 – Yifa

Yifa is a Taiwanese Buddhist nun ordained by the Fo Guang Shan order (aka International Buddhist Progress Society), a recently … »

Is God Perfect?

Three Christian philosophers on perfect being theology, tradition in philosophy going back to the great medieval philosopher Anselm of Canterbury … »

God and Deus

Bill Vallicella, the famous Maverick Philosopher, just dropped me a line asking whether, when Thomas Aquinas and Baruch Spinoza use … »

God and Allah

Last month my publisher gave the green light to start work on The Same God? Reference and Identity in Jewish, … »

Allah = God?

An interesting discussion, with some links, by philosopher Parableman Jeremy Pierce: Muslims Worshiping God But Not Worshiping God. His view, … »

One-self Trinity theories

I used to call these sorts Trinity theories of “modalism.” I still think that is not a bad description, so … »

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