Dr. Dale Tuggy

About Me

I have taught since 2000 in the Department of Philosophy at the State University of New York at Fredonia. In addition to podcasting, I enjoy teaching World Religions, Philosophy of Religion courses, the history of Philosophy, Eastern philosophies and religions, and Introduction to Philosophy.

Contact Details

Dale Tuggy
Department of Philosophy
State University of New York at Fredonia 280 Central Ave. Fredonia, NY 14063

(716) 673-4892


Brown University

Ph.D. in Philosophy May 2000

Dissertation: Agent Causation. Committee: James Van Cleve, Victor Caston, Ernest Sosa

Clarement Graduate University

M.A. Philosophy May 1995

Biola University

B.A. Philosophy May 1993


State University of New York at Fredonia

Professor, Department of Philosophy August 2000 - Present (Full Professor since 2012)

Regular courses include: World Religions, Critical Thinking, Introduction to Philosophy, Medieval Thought, The Age of Reason and Its Legacy, Philosophy of Religion, Eastern Thought, Metaphysics, Divinity and Humanity, Early Modern Philosophy of Religion, Contemporary Debates in Philosophy of Religion.

State University of New York at Fredonia

Coordinator, Interdisciplinary Minor in Religious Studies January 2010 - present

Advising students and coordinating the offering of classes by faculty in Philosophy, Sociology, Communications, English, Psychology, and History.


Here are some bar charts to give you some rough idea of my skills.

  • Research & Writing (Word, Google Docs, LibreOffice)
  • Blogging (Wordpress)
  • Interviewing
  • Audio Production (Audacity, Audition)
  • Video Editing (Premeiere Elements, PowerDirector)
  • Formal Debating
  • Public Speaking (Sway, PowerPoint, Prezi, Google Slides)
  • Teaching (Face to Face, online, blended)
  • Photography

Client Testimonials

  • 5 stars - Perhaps the best philosophy of religion podcast. What makes this podcast particularly good is its host, Dale Tuggy. He's an analytic philosopher who is a leading expert on the Trinity, which means that his interviews can go very deep. That said, he also takes some care to make things intelligible to the educated layperson. If you like philosophy of religion (in particular, Christianity), this is can't miss stuff.

    iTunes user Philosoviser, USA
  • 5 stars - Provocative and irenic. I really appreciate this podcast for its tone and content. This is certainly the most thought-provoking theology podcast that I listen to and I appreciate Dale's irenic tone. As I've listened, I've had my default beliefs soundly challenged and met some interesting philosophers and theologians along the way who I wouldn't have otherwise discovered. Looking forward to many more episodes in the years ahead. Thanks very much.

    iTunes user Ben.Nasmith, Canada
  • 5 stars - Provocative and Perceptive Podcast for Thinkers. Simply put, this podcast is excellent. I have great admiration for the work Dale has done in philosophy generally. And moreover, the views he's defended both in published/presented work and the Trinities podcast, while not always readily accepted by the Christian majority, reveal his philosophical acumen and intellectual honesty. As a Christian myself, I'm quite grateful to have this podcast available to think through questions and issues that fall outside my own current research. Thanks to Dale for sacrificially making this material available to a wider audience and leading out as an example for other academics to follow who find themselves profitably wrestling with difficult topics.

    iTunes user Happygolucky357, USA
  • 5 stars - Great, mind-expanding podcast. I've been voraciously catching up on the earlier trinities episodes, since coming across this gem a few months back. It consistently features interesting guests that espouse incredibly varied views on the nature of God, from the more mainstream to the, some I'm sure would say, downright heretical. On the hands of a less capable host, these charged matters could devolve into maelstrom, but Dale always manages to help his guests put forward their viewpoints in the strongest, most cohesive way, all in the interest of expanding the listener's religious and philosophic lexicon. Unmissable.

    iTunes user Macsmelo, Portugal
  • 5 stars - A Balanced Bite. There are lots of voices out there, and as post-moderns we live in a time when it can feel as though one could drown in the ocean of information available; who and what is to be trusted? This is particularly true when it comes to the discussion of religion and theology. Often, what makes it needlessly difficult for those not intimately acquainted with specific disciplines of scholarship and issues at hand, is the hostile dialogue between schools of thought. Dale Tuggy, host of the Trinities Podcast has proven himself to be a bastion of honor, meekness and objective inquiry in the podcasting universe. Refreshingly, his guests and interviewees are given uninterrupted time (with the exception of an occasional clarification) to fully develop a premise, followed by the concise questions of Dr. Tuggy. Dr. Tuggy’s content is fresh, explorative, interesting and informative. I find myself time and again completing an episode with a contented and balanced “bite” of intricate topics. For those interested in calm, collected and concise theological dialogue and everything that comes with it, you will not regret tuning in.

    iTunes user S. Edwin Rufener, USA